ZfTW, Vol. 9, Heft 1/2017

Thema: Tourism History and Regional Change

Martin Knoll (Editorial)


Cédric Humair, Martin Knoll, Laurent Tissot: How to Deal with Regional Tourism? Historical (and Interdisciplinary) Reflections

Laurence Cole, Katharina Scharf: Alpine Tourism and ‘Masked Transformation’: Salzburg and Tyrol before 1914

Christian Noack: The Magnitostroi of Health. Sochi and the Transformation of the Caucasian Black Sea Coast as a Model for Regional Development in the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation

Luigi Piccioni: Pioneering Sustainable Tourism. The Case of the Abruzzo National Park

Robert Groß: Uphill and Downhill Histories. How Winter Tourism Transformed Alpine Regions in Vorarlberg, Austria – 1930 to 1970

Cord Pagenstecher: The Transformation of Kosovar Holidays between Socialism, War and Migration. A Biographical Approach