SFT_7: Transforming and Managing Destinations

Studien zur Freizeit- und Tourismusforschung (SFT)

Band 7

KAGERMEIER, A. und J. SAARINEN (Hrsg.) (2012): Transforming and Managing Destinations. Tourism and Leisure in a Time of Global Change and Risks

Constant change is typical of tourism as a spatial and social phenomenon. Tourist destinations, activities, products, seg-ments, mobilities etc. are constantly changing and they are also transforming the physical, social, cultural and economic environment of tourism.

This dualistic nature of tourism has contributed to regional development and economic growth, in general, but also created challenges and problems to environment. In addition, the intensified global change, including globalisation, has created risks for tourism development and tourist destinations. All this calls for better knowledge on tourism and tourism development and management, and also more sustainable practices in growth management.

The overall purpose of this publication is to discuss the transformation of tourism as a geographical idea and the management of tourist destinations in a time of intensified global changes and evolving risks. It contains selected papers presented at the symposium of the Commission on Tourism, Leisure and Global Change of the International Geographical Union which took place at Trier Germany from 22nd to 25th August 2012.

The subjects (content) range from global risks and risk management in tourism and challenges for the (sustainable) positioning of tourist destinations over governance aspects in destination development and ICT related challenges in tourism to innovations and transformation in tourism development as well as cross-border aspects in tourism.

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