AKTF Jahrestagung 2018 München

in Kooperation mit der Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft

 International Conference on
Tourism and Transition

(Annual conference of the German Tourism Research Group)
Munich 17/18 of May 2018

Tourism is a driver of a multitude of different economic, societal as well as environmental or spatial changes. At the same time tourism is of course being driven by a huge variety of other political, economic, technical and social processes. Right this multifaceted relation in-between the phenomena of „Tourism“ and „Transition“ is the core element of the upcoming conference.
The Conference on “Tourism and Transition” aims to address social as well as spatial processes manifested in today’s tourism development. As taking place in the heart of Europe, also a regional focus is set on European and more specific on the South-Eastern-European region while not excluding any other spatial contexts.
While providing a forum for the study of transition process as well as the study of tourism in general, the focus is set on the fields where tourism, social, spatial and transition studies blur.


Plenary session: The Role of Tourism in Transforming Southeast Europe

Tine Lehmann, (HTW-Berlin) : Transnational tourism in transition countries: Reflections on the Peaks of the Balkans Trail

Daniel Göler (University of Bamberg): Tourism and Transition in the Western Balkans – Albania as a laboratory for tourism development

Anna Farmaki (Cyprus University of Technology): Tourist-host encounters in post-conflict destinations

Panel discussion: Tourism transforming Southeast-Europe to the better?

Young Researchers Forum

Elisabeth Fischer (Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Salzgitter): Products in the Strategic Destination Management. Results of my Master’s thesis

Birgit Hafner (HOST University of Applied Sciences Stralsund): Open Innovation as a Strategy in Quality Management of Destination Management Organizations

Laurens Tetzlaff (HOST University of Applied Sciences Stralsund): Customer Feedback Sentiment Dictionary. Towards Automatic Assessment of Online Hotel Reviews

Line I Tourism views Transition (general track)

Werner Gronau (HOST University of Applied Sciences Stralsund): Spreading Tourism Antagonism and the myth of sustainable tourism

Stanislav Ivanov (Varna University of Management, Bulgaria): Ultimate transformation: How will automation technologies disrupt the tourism industry?

Craig Webster (Ball State University, USA): Halfway there: the transition from 1968 to 2068 in tourism and hospitality

Line II Tourism views Transition (South East Europe)

Eckehard Pistrick (Universität zu Köln): Immaterial Cultural Heritage: A Resource for Sustainable Tourisms? – Cultural Politics and Local Experiences with the UNESCO Status in Relation to Southeast European Musical Practices

Vivianne Rau & Laura Weihrauch (GIZ): Valuing Biodiversity Assets Through Ecotourism in South-East Europe

Line I: Tourism views Transition (general track)

Tim Harms & Julian Reif (IMT, FH Westküste): To be or not to be a Tourist? About the image of the tourist and its effects

Julia Peters & Elisabeth Mattner (Hochschule Kempten: Customer orientation in share tourism: Investigating transformations in peer behavior

Marius Mayer & Gabriel Gach (Universität Greifswald / Universität zu Köln): Determinants of cross-border tourism between Poland and Germany: The case of protected areas along the common border

Christine Bild, Laura Müller & Tatjana Thimm (HTWG Konstanz): Climate change in low mountain ranges: Chances and opportunities in Black Forest tourism, with special consideration of the role of renewable energies

Line II Tourism views Transition (South East Europe)

Frieder Voll & Jan Mosedale (HTW Chur, Switzerland): Political-Economic Transitions and their impacts on tourism in Svaneti, Georgia

Alice Wanner, Daniela Beck, Lydia Matiasch, Ulrike Pröbstl-Haider (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna): Stakeholder involvement – the stony way from ideas to strategies

Sanja Iguman (University of Bergamo, Italy): Importance of heritage interpretation for the cities in transition with layered identity: The case of Belgrade, Serbia

Line I: Tourism views Transition (general track)

Julius Brandt & Marius Mayer (Universität Greifswald): Who should adapt? The interdependencies between urban planning and city tourism in Germany

Natalie Stors (Trier University): The tourist-city in transition: Reconstructing local neighborhoods as new urban tourism spaces – An analysis of Airbnb-listings in Berlin

Andreas Kagermeier (Trier University, Germany), Lahoucine Amzil (Université Mohammed V Rabat, Morocco) &  Brahim Elfasskaoui (Université Moulay Ismaël Meknès, Morocco)
Transition of governance approaches in rural tourism in Southern Morocco

Line II: CIST-Workshop

Line I: Tourism views Transition (general track)

Annika Ehlers & Ole Uphaus (Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Salzgitter): Location-Based Services in tourism: An empirical analysis of usage behavior

Osvaldo Romero & Ines Carstensen (Universität Sancti Spíritus, Cuba / SRH Hochschule Berlin): Transformation and Tourism in Cuba

Sami Alhasanat (Al-Hussain Bin Talal University, Jordan) : A tourism community at times of critical transition in its social, cultural, political, and economic lives: The case of Petra, Jordan

Line II: Quality Circle Lectures

Opening Session (speaker of the AK-TF Prof. Hopfinger)
Panel discussion Tourism transforming Southeast-Europe to the better? Daniel Göler (University of Bamberg), Tine Lehmann, (HTW-Berlin), Hansjörg Brey (Südosteuropa Gesellschaft) & Anna Farmaki (Cyprus University of Technology)
The conference as a platform for informal exchanges