Organizational Structure

Arbeitskreis Tourismusforschung (AKTF)

The Working Group on Tourism Research (AKTF) of the German Association of Geographers (DGfG), was founded in 1985 under the name: Working Group for “Leisure and Tourism Geography” at the 45th German Geographers’ Day in Berlin. Since 2013 the working group is a registered association and since 2014 a registered NGO.

According to the statutes of the working group following institutions are included in its organizational structure:

Annual General Assembly

The general assembly, which is summoned in writing by the executive board, takes place once a year. The agenda includes: electing a new executive board and a new extended board, the board’s activity and finance report, possible amendments of the statutes. Resolutions are made by a simple majority of the valid votes of those present.

Executive Board and Extended Board

The executive board consists of three ordinary members. These are the chairman of board , the first and second deputy chairman. The board manages the association and is authorized to summon the general assembly, to introduce departments, to appoint a treasurer and where applicable also a managing director. The board and extended board jointly execute ordinary board meetings. The board is extended a three year tenure.

Elected members of the executive board for the legislative period (2019-2022): Andreas Kagermeier, Werner Gronau and Bernd Eisenstein (Chairman and vice-Chairman). Ina Voshage and Tim Harms (young researchers and publications), Tim Freytag (promotion of early career stage scientific staff), Nadine Scharfenort (public relations) und Marius Mayer (International Relations) where appointed, as thematic heads with specialized areas of responsibility, to the extended board.

Executive Board

Extended Board (with fields of responsibility)