Newsletter September 2018

AAG 2019
Annual Meeting in Washington

Übersicht Tourismussitzungen mit CFP´s

Spezielle Calls für Tourismus-Sitzungen

China, Tourism and (Soft) Power
Organizers: Michael O’Regan, UK/Jaeyeon Choe, UK
Deadline: 15.10.2018

Mountain Tourism in a Rapidly Changing World: International Perspectives
Organizers: Dr. Rudi Hartmann, Denver / Dr. Marius Mayer, Greifswald / Dr. Sanjay K. Nepal
Deadline: 28.10.2018

Towards a Geographical Political Economy of Tourism: Critical, Relational, and Evolutionary Approaches to Place-based Development
Organizers: Salvador Anton/ Jarkko Saarinnen/Patrick Brouder
Deadline: 30.09.2018

Call for Papers

ZfTW Vo. 14, 2/2019 – Transport und Tourismus
Auf dem Weg zu einer nachhaltigeren Mobilität in Tourismus?
Fullabstract: 10.01.2019
Fullpaper: 01.04.2019

Special Issue: Tourism Geographies
Digital Technology, Tourism and Geographies of Inequality

Tourism is undergoing major changes in the advent of social media networks and other forms of digital technology. This has affected a number of tourism related processes including marketing, destination making, travel experiences and visitor feedback but also various tourism subsectors, like hospitality, transportation and tour operators. An already substantial and growing body of research has investigated these developments, both regarding tourism processes (Munar 2011, Tham et. al. 2013, Mkono & Tribe, 2017) and industry subsectors (Leung et al. 2013, Germann Molz 2012, Gretzel & Fesenmaier 2009, Hvass & Munar, 2012). However, largely overlooked are the effects of these changes on questions concerning inequality. Therefore, the aim of this SI is to chart this relatively unexplored territory concerning the influence of technologically enhanced travel and tourism on development and inequality
Deadline Abstract: 10.10.2018

Gastronomy and Tourism: Reflections on local food consumption in urban and rural areas
Gastronomy and Tourism research Group Meeting
20.02.-23.02.2019, Èvora/Portugal

Tourism into the new decade: To grow or not?
ICOT 2019
26.06.-29.06.2019, Braga, Porto/Portugal
Deadline: 15.05.2019


Studie zu Sharing Economy im Wirtschaftsraum Deutschland im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie

Studie zum digitalen Verhalten der Wanderer – BTE

„Als die Bahnen laufen lernten“ zur Frühgeschichte der Eisenbahn
Ulrich Stanjek
ISBN 978-3-9819899-0-8